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Awning Cleaning in Leeds

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Domestic awning cleaning - Industry awning cleaning

After a while awnings can become stained with dirt, bird droppings & mould. A regular cleaning is essential. NOVA CLEAN is on hand to businesses, boutiques, hotels, restaurants and also in private homes for regular awning maintenance. NOVA CLEAN is available all over Leeds to give your awning a fresh look.

Awning cleaning & maintenance includes:

  • Spraying professional stain removal products on problem areas
  • Fabric cleaning with use of our industry machinery
  • Cleaning of the base, arms and supports
  • A thorough waterproofing of the fabric
  • Then once the products have done their job, we simply wipe away the dirt 

We understand for businesses it is important to get these jobs done outside of trading hours, we are therefore available early in the morning & after close, and always leave your business looking spotless! Get a free quote for your awning cleaning in Leeds. Price is dependent on size and access.

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