Hoarder houses cleaning in Leeds and clearing out services

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hoarding disorder cleanup leedsNova Clean provides hoarder cleaning services in Leeds and area. Compulsive hoarding is a behavioural disorder. It is characterised by a lack of personal hygiene and an obsessive-compulsive disorder that leads to accumulating or not throwing away a large number of useless objects and even rubbish.

Hoarding syndrome can lead to neglected, even unhealthy living conditions in some cases. It is a form of extreme compulsive hoarding also known as syllogomania.

People with this syndrome opt for the greatest possible social isolation and denial. They end up living almost reclusively in their own homes, with little reason to maintain their homes, and at the same time lose interest, to a greater or lesser degree, in their personal hygiene.




hoarding disorder cleaning leedsFind out more about our hoarding syndrome cleaning services:

  1. Sorting of objects, documents and personal belongings

  2. Bagging and removal of objects, rubbish and residues

  3. Decontamination of the entire home: floors, walls and ceilings

  4. Replace floor coverings if necessary: linoleum, parquet, etc.

  5. Disinfection of all surfaces by fumigation

  6. Decontamination of the home by spraying and elimination of odours

  7. Incineration of waste and all infected or contaminated items