Flood damage restoration and cleaning services in Leeds

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Water leaks, seepage, heavy rain, burst pipes, flooding - no-one is immune to water damage.

cleaning after water flood damage leedsThe consequences of flooding are serious:

For your health: High humidity encourages respiratory infections. High humidity encourages the proliferation of dust mites and spores, which in large numbers can cause bronchial hyper-reactivity.
For buildings: when relative humidity exceeds 80%, mould appears and water contaminates the structure of the building.
Financial: the longer you wait before treating damp problems, the greater the damage will be and the more irreversible it will become.

Nova Clean provides you with a FAST, SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE post-flood cleaning solution. We offer water damage cleaning services in Leeds and flod damage restoration.

This post-flood treatment is carried out in several stages:

Pumping out the water
Remediation - Cleaning


We can intervene as a matter of urgency to pump water out of a business or home.

Water pumping involves 3 stages:

Pumping using pumps or motor-driven pumps, followed by suction of the residual water using special hoovers.
Vacuuming and, depending on the floor, treatment by injection and extraction.
Disinfection of premises to prevent the appearance of mould, deodorisation.

water flood damage cleaning leedsDRYING

Nova Clean installs technical drainage after flooding to protect the structure of the building, including its contents.

We monitor the progress of the drying process using our capacitive humidity testers.


Cleaning up after flooding or water damage is a highly specialised job, requiring real expertise and know-how. It can involve a number of services:

Remediation of floors and walls
Treatment of furniture on site or on our premises.
Treatment of archives, drying, deodorisation, reconditioning on our premises.
Disinfection of all premises and furniture.